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 SyzMON/z System Monitor for running Tasks Resources and Applications

The SyzMON/z product is a "always" running task that will keep track of all running applications and tasks. SyzMON/z wll monitor for runaway CPU conditions as well as when any task nears the point of running out of storage/memory in it's allocated region.

If the site has specified that tasks "should" be running and SyzMON/z detects that that task is not running, it can perform any of the following functions:

Notify the Operator via a console message,

send an eMail or SMS text message to the person (or persons) who are responsible for that task,

restart the task automatically or perform scripted recovery actions based on scripts that were set up by the site using SyzMON/z's script language or interactive script interface.

If the site has specified that SyzMOPN/z is to monitor tasks for runaway CPU, or memory usage, it can perform the following functions:

Notify the Operator via a console message

Send and email or SMS text to the person (or persons) whoa re responsible for that task

The operation of SyzMON/z is totally automatic. SyzMON/z can also detect if tasks which should NOT execute at the same time are started and take corretive action(s). Not only can SyzMON/z detect tasks and jobs, but also physical resources, i.e. that certain devices (dasd or tape) are offline when they should be online or online when they should be offline. This will reduce the possibility of conflicts for tasks which might require those resources.


SyzMON/z is priced at $7,500 per Physical Processor Complex.     SyzMAIL/z can be added for just $2,500 with a license for SyzMON/z

Special Government and Educational Discounts are available.

Special limited time discount for members of IBM-Main

*SPECIAL OFFER:  Purchase SyzMON/z along with any other Syzygy product and the price of the companion product will be reduced 50%.